Abel Counseling Services, LLC: Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality" Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.
Abel Counseling Services, LLC:   Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality"                                                    Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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Dr. Steven Dwight Abel, M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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"The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality."


Dr. Abel believes that without the spiritual experience as an intregal part of your life, it is virtually impossible to know what LIFE truely is. More than 2/3rd of the human population on earth believe in some form of spirituality. And though spirituality is not a popularity contest, its adherents are certainly witnesses to the reality that something exists within all human beings that begs for experession in some form which we universally call spirituality. What, then, is spirituality?


Spirituality is the personal awareness of an unspeakable Presence whose transcendental nature prohibits individual possession of its inarticulate Being, yet whose omniscience encourages all who will to approach it, with reverence and awe, to
find, in one’s own unique way, Peace, Understanding, & Direction in a world filled with changes and surprises. Contiguously, spirituality is that existential, cosmic reality that bridges the chasm between the most sacred and the mere profane. It is at once, a struggle for soul-fullfilment attainment, while, concurrently with the events and circumstances of life, it is phenomenologically appearing as the thing itself. And juxtaposed to the transitions of life, spirituality beckons faith toward the possibilities of a vailed and gentile spirit reaching out in hope and anticipation of giving succor and sustenance from its inimitable womb of Present-Being, which mothers knowing-truth, to the yearning Soul longing to make its journey home..

The Spirituality-based counseling process, therefore, is a subjunctive  experience between the client and his or her practitioner... the DEEP speaking to the DEEP, two Souls spiritually speaking, speaking in the midst of the Dark waters of coginitive dissonance and spiritual chaos. And these speaking spirits, now in relationship, ultimately find healing in Being There, a ministry of Presence, a "there-for-ME.ness" when I was most in need of help.



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The Work of Abel Counseling Services, LLC

My mission is to help psychologically wounded individuals through the agencies of spirituality and health psychology. To be sure, spirituality and mental health are interrelated and serve as a dynamic tool to assist in the restoration, and in some cases create, the triangulated Psycho-Spiritual homeostasis of Normal mental functioning, especially for those persons indigenous to the Western Global Hemisphere. Following upon this perspective, it is imperative that a co-participating spirituality be compatible to the psychodynamic analytic-cognitive behavioral model demonstrated in Freud’s SUPER EGO (ϋber-Ich), EGO (Ich), ID (ES). This triune model of mental structure is compatible with a triune model of Western Hemispheric Spirituality. The triune model of spirituality is inclusive of a Father (Creator Life God), Son (Jesus, Creator Life-God in-Person), and Holy Spirit (Divine essence in-Person). The One God in three Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) correlates perfectly with the Psychological Model of Mind. That is, the Father correlates to Super Ego, The Son to Ego, and the Holy Spirit to Id, three persons as one God concomitantly functioning and existing as ONE, even in the face of a Prima facie contradiction of term (the contradiction being . . . THREE can be ONE). This Oneness of Three is an Object of Higher Value, which is Oneness in Heilige Gemeinschaft (Holy Community), which is comparable to a Corporate Personality. Just as with the Corporate Personality, with its multifarious individual members, forming a Oneness of individual personalities within the Community, so, too, does the Helige Gemeinschaft (the Mono-Trinitarian spirituality) of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit become ONE IN HOLY COMMUNTY, perfect Oneness (SINN [THE SENSE, or in looser terms of translation: The sense of it all, why it makes sense]) in the face of PRIMA FACIE contradiction of terms.

The Heilige Gemeinschaft serves as the Higher Power we human beings are invited to turn to. For, just as its modus vivendi of Mono-Triune Being portends a Co-equal Parent-Child-Essence Relationship that by-passes all difficulties of Being to form a Unified Holy Community as LIFESTYLE, we, too, must emulate this Lifestyle of communal interrelatedness in order to bypass the difficulties of cognitive dissonance, abnormal personality behavior (psycho-spiritual wounded state). This LIFESTYLE is the Triangulated Psycho-Spiritual Homeostasis: Parent (Mono-Triune Helige Gemeinschaft) at the Top (Higher Power) of the Triangle (comparable to the Super Ego); Co-Equal Son (Jesus, The Father made known in the second Person), which is the individual (comparable to the Ego); and the Holy Spirit (the Essence of ALL SPIRIUALITY, comparable to the ID or The Thing Itself.

Each Person in the Heilige Gemeinschaft reaches out to the Other to co-equally relate in unconditional LOVE and EPATHIC UNDERSTANDING of the OTHER. This Mono-Triune Lifestyle is elucidated and unveiled in Hebrew numerology. In Hebrew, the number 3 (Three) is represented by the letter Gimel, which has the meaning of Giving of Reward and Punishment, a choice between good and evil, that is, Free Will to choose how you will behave referencing your thoughts. Concomitantly, this meaning further portends the responsibility on the part of each individual member in community-relationship for the consequences of their free will choices. Since the number three connotes a Trinity extending the gift of Free Will to choose which way to behave, it would infer that Normal Mental functioning is achieved by emulating the Heilige Gemeinschaft Lifestyle of reaching out to the OTHER with co-equal, unconditional LOVE and Empathic Understanding toward the Other as the NORM and the NORMAL. I seek, therefore, in the therapeutic process to establish the patient’s history of relationships within the psycho-spiritual context. Where there is brokenness within this context, also there can be healing in reestablishing or even creating the Triangulated Psycho-Spiritual Homeostasis. This all begins with the establishment of the co-equal patient-therapist Relationship, the one reaching out to the other with unconditional love and empathic understanding of each other as members of the therapeutic community. The reconstruction of self as member of community, which is the ability/wiliness to establish and maintain co-equal relationships, with unconditional love and empathic understanding for the other, the willingness to embrace Free Will to choose between behaviors (keeping in mind the dynamic effects of choices on Self and Others) and the willingness to accept responsibility for those chosen behaviors. An analytic examination of one’s cognitive constructs and where they need reconstruction, within the context of Triangulated Psycho-Spiritual Homeostasis, is the co-equal Collaboration-in-Relationship between patient and therapist. In this collaborative community between patient and therapist, healing can take place.

Triangulated Psycho-Spiritual Homeostasis Model: ID, EGO, SUPEREGO The Triangulated Psycho-Spiritul Homeostasis Model
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