Abel Counseling Services, LLC: Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality" Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.
Abel Counseling Services, LLC:   Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality"                                                    Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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Dr. Steven Dwight Abel, M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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"The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality."


Dr. Abel believes that without the spiritual experience as an intregal part of your life, it is virtually impossible to know what LIFE truely is. More than 2/3rd of the human population on earth believe in some form of spirituality. And though spirituality is not a popularity contest, its adherents are certainly witnesses to the reality that something exists within all human beings that begs for experession in some form which we universally call spirituality. What, then, is spirituality?


Spirituality is the personal awareness of an unspeakable Presence whose transcendental nature prohibits individual possession of its inarticulate Being, yet whose omniscience encourages all who will to approach it, with reverence and awe, to
find, in one’s own unique way, Peace, Understanding, & Direction in a world filled with changes and surprises. Contiguously, spirituality is that existential, cosmic reality that bridges the chasm between the most sacred and the mere profane. It is at once, a struggle for soul-fullfilment attainment, while, concurrently with the events and circumstances of life, it is phenomenologically appearing as the thing itself. And juxtaposed to the transitions of life, spirituality beckons faith toward the possibilities of a vailed and gentile spirit reaching out in hope and anticipation of giving succor and sustenance from its inimitable womb of Present-Being, which mothers knowing-truth, to the yearning Soul longing to make its journey home..

The Spirituality-based counseling process, therefore, is a subjunctive  experience between the client and his or her practitioner... the DEEP speaking to the DEEP, two Souls spiritually speaking, speaking in the midst of the Dark waters of coginitive dissonance and spiritual chaos. And these speaking spirits, now in relationship, ultimately find healing in Being There, a ministry of Presence, a "there-for-ME.ness" when I was most in need of help.



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The Vegan Body


The Soul is the personification of Eternal Life! The Body is the personification of the Soul! Therefore, the body is to be cared for in a special way because it is special. If we approach the body from a spirituality perspective, we are challenged to focus on the body as an object, which must be reduced to THE THING ITSELF! If we bracket all chaos thinking, which states that all things came to be by random acts of chance or accident with no premeditative agenda, then we can take a more positivistic approach to the focus on the body. We are further challenged, then, to find a dynamic, creative point of departure in our endeavor to know the body itself and thereby think of it in an appropriate manner. To begin with, we must subject our two core-terms (Dynamic and Creative) to definitional scrutiny. The term Dynamic, for our intent and purpose, means a continuous output of productive activity, change, or growth inspired by rigorous and intense mental and spiritual energy. Contiguously, the term Creative means to produce or bring about a thing through Imaginative Skill (IS). Thus, if a thing is created it portends the presence of a Mind that is deliberative, intentional, and purpose-filled because it is characterized by the Acts of Imagination (AOI).  


Following upon the aforementioned definitions of the Core Terms: IS and AOI, we are compelled to find a Western Hemispheric account of how the Vegan Body came to be and how it is to be cared for and viewed from the perspective of The Thing Itself. The biblical Yahwist account of creation (Gen 2:4 – 3: 24) offers a compelling narrative from a dynamic and creative perspective. The Yahwist informs us that God is present as a Holy Person, embodied with substance and anthropomorphic, capable of being seen and involved in a relationship. This person, according to the Yahwist, not only Created the Sun, Moon, and Stars in the Heavens, and the Earth, Water, and all the things therein, He also deliberatively, intentionally, and purposefully created the body of Man out of the fertile top soil of Mother Earth. We are further informed that He Created this Man in His own anthropomorphic image and likeness, and that he breathed His own breath into the nostrils of this Man thereby purposefully causing the Man to come to Life as a living soul.  Thus, the Man [IS] as a result of [AOI]! The Woman is taken from the side of Man to be at his side to comfort and work together with him and implicitly to reproduce what God started with Man: have children and her own productive work.


Ultimately, God, according to the Yahwist, prepared a paradisiacal Garden for the couple to live in, and He gave them a specific diet to nourish and strengthen their bodies. This diet was a VEGAN diet: fruit and vegetables, and all seed plants. In other words, a plant-based, non-dairy diet was man’s intended diet from the beginning, right down to the thing itself . . . The Vegan Body!  I have never seen any cheese, butter, eggs, or milk growing in a garden. The notion that an embodied God would, through the agency of Divine Imagination, conceive of His created Beings (IS = AOI) as Vegan Bodies living in a Garden where wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables grow in abundance, is a great testimony to the importance Spirituality (GOD) places on a vegan diet for The Vegan Body. Not only does the Judeo-Christian cosmology (weltanschauung) centralize the vegan diet, but also many of the world religions advocate such a diet. It is no wonder, then, that this emerging world-wide emphases on veganism is being considered as a viable means of ending world hunger, obesity, and a multitude of health-medical calamities such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, just to mention a few. I predict that by the end of this twenty-first century, Veganism will be more the NORM rather than the exception. And obesity, as well as world hunger, and cancer will take their place in obscurity just as Rinderpest  (cattle plague) and Smallpox were fully wiped out.   By then, perhaps the world might look like a paradisiacal garden where the Environment is clean, the animals are protected, and Human Beings are no longer insane (out of relationship with Spirituality, GOD), but rather sane in the knowledge of ones SELF as a Vegan Body as was intended by the GOD who brings Vegan Bodies into being by way of Divine Imagination (IS = AOI).


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