Abel Counseling Services, LLC: Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality" Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.
Abel Counseling Services, LLC:   Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality"                                                    Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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Dr. Steven Dwight Abel, M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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"The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality."


Dr. Abel believes that without the spiritual experience as an intregal part of your life, it is virtually impossible to know what LIFE truely is. More than 2/3rd of the human population on earth believe in some form of spirituality. And though spirituality is not a popularity contest, its adherents are certainly witnesses to the reality that something exists within all human beings that begs for experession in some form which we universally call spirituality. What, then, is spirituality?


Spirituality is the personal awareness of an unspeakable Presence whose transcendental nature prohibits individual possession of its inarticulate Being, yet whose omniscience encourages all who will to approach it, with reverence and awe, to
find, in one’s own unique way, Peace, Understanding, & Direction in a world filled with changes and surprises. Contiguously, spirituality is that existential, cosmic reality that bridges the chasm between the most sacred and the mere profane. It is at once, a struggle for soul-fullfilment attainment, while, concurrently with the events and circumstances of life, it is phenomenologically appearing as the thing itself. And juxtaposed to the transitions of life, spirituality beckons faith toward the possibilities of a vailed and gentile spirit reaching out in hope and anticipation of giving succor and sustenance from its inimitable womb of Present-Being, which mothers knowing-truth, to the yearning Soul longing to make its journey home..

The Spirituality-based counseling process, therefore, is a subjunctive  experience between the client and his or her practitioner... the DEEP speaking to the DEEP, two Souls spiritually speaking, speaking in the midst of the Dark waters of coginitive dissonance and spiritual chaos. And these speaking spirits, now in relationship, ultimately find healing in Being There, a ministry of Presence, a "there-for-ME.ness" when I was most in need of help.



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This is my Prayer:


Blessed Mary, full of grace, ever virgin, Mother of the Most High God, Jesus: God-the Son of God . . . have compassion on my immense love for you as my Spiritual Mother, and pray for my immortal soul as your spiritual child to your immortal Son, our Savior, Jesus.

So let it be!


Dr. Steven Dwight Abel, M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

  • Eternal God, Father of all souls, grant me the strength of MIND to Trust, to Believe, and to have Faith. Fill my mind with your Holy Spirit so that I may see your footprints on the sands of my personal history and know that You are with me. Enable me to hope for the best, to look beyond the worst, and to know without a doubt that a change is coming. May the vestige of your empty tomb and the outpouring of your great mercy be my mental and spiritual heritage. So let it be!
  • Oh my Jesus, how Perfect is your love for imperfect people like me. And by the merits of your Perfection, you poured out yourself in the form of a humble man, and earned for me the right to eat from The Tree of Life and to be free at last . . . to love, to breath The Breath of Life, and to worship and glorify your Holy Community: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus! So let it be!
  • Oh God of my salvation, I confess that I am less than perfect, in what I think and in what I do; in what I fantasize and in the things I hope for. And I plead for your great mercy to have compassion on my immortal soul, so that I may live forever with you, your sweet mother, all the saints and apostles, the faithful departed, the angels and all the Holy Beings in the Kingdom of Heaven! So let it be!

I Am because God Is!

God heals me

God protects me

God informs me;

God surrounds me

God flows through me

God speaks through me;

God prospers me

God speaks for me

God lives for me;

God guides me

God inspires me

God delivers my PERSON from DEATH ETERNAL.

I AM because GOD IS>

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