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Abel Counseling Services, LLC:   Spirituality-Psychology "The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality"                                                    Dr. Steven Dwight Abel,M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.

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"The Beginning of All Sanity is Spirituality."


Dr. Abel believes that without the spiritual experience as an intregal part of your life, it is virtually impossible to know what LIFE truely is. More than 2/3rd of the human population on earth believe in some form of spirituality. And though spirituality is not a popularity contest, its adherents are certainly witnesses to the reality that something exists within all human beings that begs for experession in some form which we universally call spirituality. What, then, is spirituality?


Spirituality is the personal awareness of an unspeakable Presence whose transcendental nature prohibits individual possession of its inarticulate Being, yet whose omniscience encourages all who will to approach it, with reverence and awe, to
find, in one’s own unique way, Peace, Understanding, & Direction in a world filled with changes and surprises. Contiguously, spirituality is that existential, cosmic reality that bridges the chasm between the most sacred and the mere profane. It is at once, a struggle for soul-fullfilment attainment, while, concurrently with the events and circumstances of life, it is phenomenologically appearing as the thing itself. And juxtaposed to the transitions of life, spirituality beckons faith toward the possibilities of a vailed and gentile spirit reaching out in hope and anticipation of giving succor and sustenance from its inimitable womb of Present-Being, which mothers knowing-truth, to the yearning Soul longing to make its journey home..

The Spirituality-based counseling process, therefore, is a subjunctive  experience between the client and his or her practitioner... the DEEP speaking to the DEEP, two Souls spiritually speaking, speaking in the midst of the Dark waters of coginitive dissonance and spiritual chaos. And these speaking spirits, now in relationship, ultimately find healing in Being There, a ministry of Presence, a "there-for-ME.ness" when I was most in need of help.



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Divine Imagination and the Life Objects

Divine Imagination and the Life Objects

By Dr. Steven D. Abel, M.Div., M.S., Ph.D.


Divine Imagination is that spirituality-inspired mind consequently equipped (prepared) to perceived the dynamically, spiritual infused, phenomenological revelation of “The Thing Itself.”  The Thing Itself is the pure “Content” of an “Object of Intention.” An Object of Intention is that which the mind is focused on to obtain that objects true knowledge (Pure Content). The Thing Itself (Pure Content of The Object of Intention) is the spiritual inspiration for the Divine Imagination.


        If, for example, the mind’s Object of Intention is a biblical scripture, then that which presents itself as the pure content of the intended scripture is indeed the spirituality that inspirers Divine Imagination. However, to get to The Thing Itself of the intended Scriptural-Object, one has to set aside [Bracket] all previously accepted interpretations of the Intended Object (in this case, a scripture) and sequentially reinterpret over and over again, bracketing those elements arising from the efforts of reinterpretation that do not support a purported emerging “Theme” that portends the coming of “Meaning” pointing toward the pure content of a Presenting revelation of The Thing Itself and ultimately a grasping of The Thing Itself with “Understanding” of what The Pure Content is Revealing to The Divine Imagination. This Presenting Understanding of the Pure Content of the Thing Itself explains the true Meaning of the Thing Itself to the Divine Imagination, enabling the profane (Natural) Mind to comprehend and to articulate the Presenting Message of The Thing Itself, its pure content laid bare for a more excellent interpretation that is ultimately seen by all others as TRUE KNOWLEDGE.

        The Objects of Intention are, therefore, mental phenomena meant to inform the conscious mind. An informed conscious mind comprehends reality with a refreshing, rational, and dynamically insightful appreciation for THE THING ITSELF of the presented object. The Thing Itself, moreover, is more than just the pure content of the presenting object. The essential being of the pure content of the presenting object is distinguishable from the pure content of the presenting object in that it is the foundational source of the pure content of a presenting object. This foundational source is Life in its purist Oneness . . . The Thing that presents “The Thing Itself. This “Life” is that which precedes ALL sanity. Sanity is a state of consciousness, which is capable of making distinctions, rational choices, planning, controlling ones behavior, and believing in Life as the source of Consciousness. For, without Life there is no consciousness. Death knows no consciousness. Within the mental state of consciousness, one can think and reason. With consciousness, one can construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct cognitions so as to create a psychologically hygienic mental status. This consciousness of Life and its dynamically presenting of “the thing itself” to the conscious mind’s object of intention is the simplest form of spirituality, which precedes all sanity. This is why spirituality is the beginning of all sanity.

The acts of presentation by the source of The Thing Itself, Life in its purist oneness, are revelatory communications to the conscious mind that mental processing of intended objects is supported by that prenominated Life, which is the premunition against distorted   cognitions and ideations concerning The Thing Itself as the content of presented objects intended by the conscious mind.

The sane mind, therefore, relies on Life in its purist oneness because this prenominated Life knows all and is the primal source of all true knowing . . . of the thing itself within the Life Objects.

        Objects of intention within the conscious mind come from Life in its purist oneness. No object precedes Life. First there is Life in its purist oneness, which effervesces objects and their content. Contained objects of intention have revealed their thing itself by the agency of the prenominated Life as the true, primal source of all knowing. Non-contained objects, in contrast, have not revealed their content and exist in the mind as potential for the calming effect of knowing or the cognitive dissonance of not knowing. The aim of all psychologically hygienic minds is to embrace contained objects in their mental processing and to bracket non-contained objects until such time as they are contained. Therefore, “containing” an object of intention in the conscious mind is going through the phenomenological process of arriving at The Thing Itself by the agency of Life in its purist oneness as the preliminary assumption. To be sure, the preliminary assumption is Life in its purist oneness, which precedes the conscious mind where objects appear to be intended and contained.





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